Digital Soundboy

• Benga


Already in his fifteenth year of making music, Benga made his first track on Fruity Loops at the age of 9 before taking up DJing at 11 years-old.
Since Night and his acclaimed 2008 album Diary Of An Afro Warrior, Benga has propelled club music in many directions. There’s always bass – plenty of it - but he refuses to be limited by a sound or scene. Benga has done big business with subterranean basslines, evocative instrumentation and undeniable choruses, placing him in the upper echelons of producer/ remixers working right now. “They can call it whatever they wanna call it, I’m not afraid to say that my music’s Dubstep.” he insists. “I’ve always made this mental music and I made music that’s accessible. I love to use hooks because I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, real music. That’s why I made music in the first place.”

Benga has worked with everyone from Kelis to Katy B, remixed Example and The Prodigy and DJ’d quite literally all over the world; his stage-diving antics helping to propel Dubstep from the domain of bedroom DJs to the most in-demand clubs from Sydenham to Sydney.

In 2010, alongside Artwork and Skream, Benga formed Magnetic Man and signed to Sony/ Columbia. Their self-titled debut featured an eclectic roster of vocalists including Ms. Dynamite, P Money and John Legend and won the trio fans from the NME to Pop Matters.


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