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• DJ Fresh


Dan ‘DJ Fresh’ Stein one of the originators of drum&bass, Fresh began his career as founding member of the supergroup Bad Company. In ‘98 when Fresh was still 19, the group released The Nine - a track that was to later be voted the best d&b tune of all time by D&B Arena.

Now DJ Fresh has truly become a household name with the huge success of tracks like Gold Dust & Louder. With Louder notching up over 500,000 sales and being the first Number 1 for Fresh it also became the first EVER dubstep track to top the charts and feature as the soundtrack to the Lucozade advert.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of the d&b/dubstep crossover sound, FRESH/LIVE combines the technique and hysteria of his DJ sets with the energy of a live instrumental performance. Fresh has hand picked a fine selection of musicians to create a highly skilful unit that will delight crowds with their expertise.


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