Digital Soundboy

• Vicious Circle


The collective known as Vicious Circle began life in a South London flat in 2003. Having been friends since school days, and with a mutual love of music and in particular the brand of millennial techy D&B emerging from the genre at that time, the trio set out to make an impact in the rapidly expanding worldwide D&B scene.

In the early days, tracks such as ‘Between The Lines’ on Renegade Hardware’s Carpe Diem LP, ‘Hellrazor’ on UP Recordings, and their highly anticipated debut Hardware artist EP ‘Welcome To Shanktown’ set standards in sheer dance floor energy that few have matched. Mellower moments such as Blue Lagoon hinted at a less aggressive side to the team’s talents. Various techy floor-friendly offerings on Hardware were followed by a bass heavy 12” for Digital Soundboy and releases on label of the moment Critical Music which cemented their reputation as having more to offer than the techy sound they were rapidly becoming known for.


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