Digital Soundboy

• Marcus Visionary


DJ/Producer Marcus Visionary has been in the game for over two decades representing Jungle DnB as well as a variety of british bass culture music. Marcus prides himself on clean mixing and is well known for his musical versatility and keen ability to read any crowd. Marcus has been part of the Digital Soundboy family since 2005.

As a DJ his performances are explosive and he is most definitely a DJ’s DJ! In his hometown Toronto, Marcus has been running the Prophecy on 89.5 FM for 16 Years. The program is North America’s longest running Jungle DnB radio show and has been a integral part of the city’s developing bass music scene.
As a producer Marcus has worked for several other high profile labels such as Revolver, 31 Records, T.O.V, Flex, Play Muzik, Shout, Co-Lab, Dance Rock, Rocksteady and many more.


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