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Breakage - Future Ft. Madi Lane Out Now

• 19.5.2015

Having revealed album tracks ‘Treading Water’ and the dubby ‘Revelation’, Breakage announces new single ‘Future’; another epic, string-laden UK bass composition also on the LP.

Fans of his previous single with Jess Mills ‘Fighting Fire’ will remember the mood. Though famed within the UK sound system world, James Breakage grew up on dark Country ballads played on his parent’s record player. Little known fact; before his first home-studio drum & bass efforts got snapped up by the legendary label Reinforced, he was a even a teen metal fan.

And if you are looking for the ingredient that makes Breakage songs more than hi-tech 21st century bassbin confections, it’s his sense of high drama, the emotional pressure as well as the bass pressure. Something that points back to his other spiritual forefathers, UK sound system pioneers like Massive Attack (he is one of the few people they requested to remix their work) or Burial, fellow tracer of emotional negative spaces in UK hardcore music.

His journey began on the drum and bass scene with his remix of Nasty Habits ‘Here Come The Drums’. All his unclassifiable work since then, whether people have called it dubstep, grime or drum & bass has had his trademark sound engineering brilliance, his unique sense of space, creating a sleek, refractive jet-black world.

With ‘Future’ his signature blend of dark atmospherics, hyper-detailed production, love life storytelling and sub bass weight has come together again to instant repeat effect.

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