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Warp EP: NME Review

• 01.7.2012

NME reviewer Ben Carden rates Dismantle's Warp EP 8/10

“Dismantle’s breakthrough, the Skream and Benga-approved ‘Computation’, was dancefloor dynamite, and proved there was more to modern dubstep than apocalyptic saw-wave basslines and ever more moody beats. ‘Warp’, a four-track EP for Shy FX’s Digital Soundboy label, is equally idiosyncratic. There’s something of the old hardcore sound or even, gulp, gabber to Dismantle’s music, which is full of disorientating, toy-town synths that waver between ecstasy and nausea. But it’s dispatched with a 2012 efficiency that borders on minimalism, each part calibrated to provide maximum dancefloor damage. Burial purists may rub their beards in dismay but festival tents will freak.”

Ben Cardew


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